PowerGrid Journal
Version 1.01

This journal was created as an experiment in human-computer interface design. In what may seem to be a retrofit, recalling the days of paper tape and punch cards, this document provides an interface to the ElectriCiti PowerGrid Internet service.

The paper component delivers what your computer screen cannot: high resolution graphics in an HDTV wide aspect ratio that fill your field of vision. Images that load as quickly as you can turn the page. A portable visual machine powered by any available light source.

Each of the pages has a counterpart online. The online component of this journal provides the reader everything that paper cannot: interactive demonstrations of research projects; full-length white papers with hypertext links to bibliographic references; e-mail communications with authors; real-time dialogue with other readers.

PowerGrid Journal reviews applications of network information technology as they relate to global networking and the Internet. This journal presents state-of-the-art research, essays and commentary by the world's leading scholars and researchers. PowerGrid is produced for information systems managers, executives, engineers, programmers, designers and others who plan, develop, integrate and manage telecommunication infrastructures. Unfortunately, the rate of change in this dynamic industry often leaves little time for quiet reflection about the deeper questions new technologies pose.

PowerGrid's design is intended to leave enough space on each page so that readers may interpolate their own thoughts with the succinct gems of each article. Art and technology are too often segregated. PowerGrid is a gallery of art and technology, layering unique insights on compelling visual imagery; inviting the reader to stare at the page until understanding is achieved.

Explore the mental space.

Christopher Alan calan@powergrid.com

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